If you are going to attend small and big events in your locality, then you might be attending more than 10 in town because various groups love to organize one. These could be for kids, teens, adults, parents, elders, politicians, or entrepreneurs to name a few. There would be a lot of preparations because they have to invite speakers, performers, and guests, then they need to set up the venue and make sure that it would be safe for everybody.

The place will be full of people who would like to witness the event so expect the venue to have security roaming around because there would be a crowd. Let’s say that it would be a good excuse for you to stay outdoors, join the crowd, meet new friends, be a participant, or have a seat as an audience. If this is held in an open field, then there would be stalls where you can buy food and beverages because people will surely need something refreshing.

Event organizers find their job quite exhausting because the preparation is a tough one, especially when it comes to choosing souvenirs such as image logo caps which they can give to the visitors. For a casual happening, such stuff to give away would be fine because it can be used for different purposes. But as an organizer, why did you choose and considered caps or hats as an item to be used in a particular occasion because you surely have other options?


Perhaps you have given t-shirts, wristbands, towels, mugs, keychains, pens, and bags during your previous events and pretty sure that you are planning to give the same things again. Well, you can do that but this time; it would be great if you can add hats with your logo printed on them to add to your compilation. You have started giving other items in the past years anyway, so it is good to see new things today.

You should know that getting people together even just for a day could be a burden to some people because they have other important things to attend to as well. But choosing to witness what you have got for them is something to be thankful for because they are a part of the successful day. Therefore, rewarding them with a small token of appreciation would make them want to come again since you will be remembered.

One Size – Fits All

When it comes to the size, this could be free-size so it would not be a burden for the people who will distribute it to sort out – check on https://www.ubs.iastate.edu/hat_sizing_chart.html to know your size. Caps can be adjusted at the back part, anyway. Therefore, you’ll just need to hand it out freely to the audience as they come to take their seats.

This is a great advantage to the organizers because they can focus on other tasks rather than sorting and picking the right size for everybody. Since this will fit everybody, you can relax and listen to the speakers or watch the performers.


Caps are very handy and you do not even need to keep them inside your bags. It is even light so it won’t be a burden to carry it around. When you are not carrying a bag, you can always put it on right at that very moment when it was handed to you.

This is a multi-purpose kind of stuff, anyway. That’s why during and after the event most people hanging around are proudly using it to show that they were in this place. It only shows that they are bragging about it and that is already a sign of positive feedback.

People will not use anything just because it was handy or free. They will use it well because they like the services of the company that made the day possible.

Open to Opportunities

Do you know that organizing an event is a way to open doors to more opportunities? You should know that right after receiving the souvenirs, the audience may start putting on the caps so even after watching, you will still find these on. I supposed you have thought about it as a marketing technique – read here for other strategies.

You just promoted your company, products, or services because people can see your logo which is printed on the caps. I guess you have used the occasion as a strategy and made a good tool out of the hats.