SOLIDWORKS has considered one of the most popular CAD packages out there as it is used by companies worldwide. As the engineering market is running and being competitive with each passing innovation, having SolidWorks skills is therefore extremely valuable. But you might be curious about what types of Solidworks careers are on option and what qualifications do you need for those options, or where you can find them? But don’t worry, after studying over different prospects here in this guide you will get to know about the solidworks careers shortly. So why wait? Read on.

Generally, the careers that require solidworks skills are as follows:

  • Drafting
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Design

So, now that you have learned about the careers let’s go through the qualifications. It is quite comfortable for you as both bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available along with the associate’s degree and professional certificate. However, this is not just what you need to know about the qualifications, and there is a lot more that you need to explore if you want to join the growing industry.

If, however, you’re not interested in installing a hefty CAD program onto your system, especially because you are not sure about it or whether you want to keep it there or not. Then, there is still another option available for you; rather than solidworks price, online free trials are now available, which requires no installation whatsoever.