Instagram is a widely used platform that could get you some money if you get thousands of followers and likes for your posts. You could also buy Instagram likes cheap online. So, you can think of the following ways of making money on Instagram.

Influencer marketing

If you have tons of people in the queue to look at what you post on your Instagram account, you are known as an Instagram influencer. Since your content is reaching thousands of people constantly, there would be several people who are interested to promote their brands and services through your account. They would ask you to post something about their services on your account for the money. You can post a single picture, a video, or a live conversation that will describe their business and services. Depending on various factors like the number of followers you have and the type of promotion, you can charge these people. Highly influential people will have millions of followers and their posts would get thousands of engagements within a few hours of posting. You can consider popular sportsmen as examples for influencers on Instagram. All you have to do is to create a quality account with constant uploads of content relevant to the niche and attractive at the same time. If your content is highly engaging and entertaining, you will accumulate followers in a short span. However, you should consider buying followers and other elements to attain that position even faster. If you feel like you have enough dominance in your niche to expose yourself as an influencer, you can consider reaching the businesses in the niche. If they are interested, they will give you promotional opportunities. You should negotiate the pricing and involve in the promotional activity. You can also post about your openness to promoting others on your account itself. If any of your followers need promotions, they will reach out. You could earn a lot in this way if you attain a specific number of followers.

Instagram maintenance 

However, it is not the only way to earn money on Instagram by becoming an influencer. You can also do so by maintaining someone else’s account. You could find some businesses offering jobs titled social media managers. These jobs would require you to maintain the Instagram accounts of people who could not spend time developing content for their social media platforms and engage with their followers. If you are ready to help them with content uploads, follower’s engagement, and all other activities on the platform, you can earn a decent amount of money. All you have to know is to maintain the social media account.


There are chances that you own a business yourself. If you do so, you can promote your services and gain some customers using your Instagram account. Once you acquire a decent number of followers, your chances of getting new customers would be high. Also, you can notify your customers about important events in your business through this account.