Handymen and repairers face difficulties in cleaning electronic equipment before working with them. Brake cleaners were preferred for the job but stood at the risk of workers’ injury and damage to boards and connections. The optimal solution to negate these effects is the new contact cleaner. Handy spray formula and easy to use, it is compatible with any surface and material.

Electronic parts are compact and made with precision. They easily get accumulated with dust particles and grease. If not cleaned and maintained regularly, it might break the connections and degrade the appliance. Cleaning sprays are immune to conduction, protecting, and cleaning the base parallelly.

Product Functionality

  • The brand-new handyman companion, SP10 cleaner, has vivid applications in electronic, hospital, computer hardware equipment, and general home appliances.
  • Completely plastic safe in contrast to the harmful brake spray that melts the plastic and disconnects the soldering.
  • Degreaser aerosol to finely clean away the contaminants without stinging the eyes and affecting the hands.
  • Completely brushes away the dirt, oil, or minuscule carbon components that might lead to oxidation and corrosion.

A must-have cleanser before any electric repairs to avoid accidental damage. It is also well suited for common cleaning purposes in daily routine.