Wireline operations are really difficult to perform, and apart from their difficulty, the real problem arises after completing the operation. Wireline operations require greased wires, and it is done in such a way to reduce friction and ensure that the wire can move smoothly and the force and effort to pull the wire are minimized. This problem now has a solution, which is known as greaseless Wireline.

Greaseless Wireline Explained

Greaseless Wireline is just like the normal wirelines, but the only difference is, as the name suggests, these wires do not need any grease. There is nothing very complicated in the wires; the simple idea of this wire is that they are manufactured with a special chemical coating with a non-stick technology. This ensures that the wire has the texture required for wireline operations and can move smoothly without causing any friction and difficulty in the process.

The greaseless wire perfectly serves the purpose they were designed, which is why they are actively used in oilfields and other such places. The non-stick chemical used in greaseless Wireline is of the top quality, which means there is no need for grease or any other lubrication type.

Reasons For Using Greeseless Wireline

  • The biggest reason why greaseless wirelines were developed was to avoid the use of grease. This was because applying grease on the Wireline was not only a one-time expense, but it had to be applied many times because the grease can easily get removed from the wire, which would result in friction and may damage the wire.
  • Applying grease on the wireline cause a lot of mess. The grease easily gets stuck in all the places near a wireline, creating a lot of mess. If the grease gets on the floor, it can also become the cause of accidents as anyone can easily slip because of grease’s slippery nature.
  • Grease can make the entire area where it is applied dirty. So once the wireline operation is completed, there is a need to clean the area, but this can be avoided if you use a greaseless wireline.

Greaseless Wireline is a great product because it proves to be cheaper than a normal wireline in the long run. Greaseless Wireline is not only great from a cost point of view, but it also has many other benefits, which is the reason why it should be preferred over regular wirelines.