Brands often have a hard time deciding about packaging needs for a product. While the logistics team is concerned about the foremost aspect – product protection, the marketing team wants to use the packaging as a means to promote right things. For every brand, it is equally necessary to focus on information, because a product box is expected to offer all details that customers expect. To add to all of that, there are compliance matters and regulations to be considered.

In short, it’s not easy to design a product box. Customization is not just a choice anymore for box packaging. Below we are sharing a few tips on how brands can actually improve custom product boxes without spending a fortune.

Choose the right colors

Invigorating interest in a product is all about using the right graphics, and the choice of colors does make a difference. Brands need to understand that a product box is not just for the concerned product, but also for the brand. It is necessary to select a color scheme that works for the brand’s identity and creates awareness among customers. For example, customers can easily tell that a pizza box belongs to a particular brand, even though the size is different.

Make the box usable

More brands are not going for reusable box packaging. This has three major advantages. Firstly, the customer buys a product, and instead of throwing away the box, he will actually retain it for further use. Every time he uses the box for a purpose, he will be reminded of the brand. Secondly, reusable boxes work like an incentive to buy the product. Think of the number of times people have praised a subscription box for great design! Thirdly, reusable boxes don’t land up in the landfill as quick. In short, your brand can reduce packaging waste considerably.

Rethink the design

Even the best product boxes have to be redesigned at some point. Don’t settle for a box because you like it. It is necessary to keep researching on what can make the box packaging better for a customer. Box dimensions, design and overall graphics must be evaluated, criticized and judged, to find practical solutions. There’s a reason why many companies come out with limited edition boxes. The primary reason is to sell the same product with renewed interest.

Find a reliable custom box manufacturer and seek their inputs for design, reducing costs and other aspects.