Every business owner will tell you that in the past they have been offered a deal that was too good to be true and the unfortunate thing was that the wholesaler needed to be paid upfront and in cash if they wanted to take advantage of it. At that time, getting additional funds from lenders like banks and building societies was not as straightforward as it should be and so you had to provide them with reams of paper, copies of everything business related and even then you couldn’t be assured that you would get the money. This all took too much time and the deal was gone at that point anyway.

Nowadays, it’s somewhat easier to get yourself a small business loan and there are other lenders out there that know and understand that you need the money quickly and you need it with the bare minimum of fuss. One such institution is Universal Finance Australia and so they have made the procedure so much easier for everyone. In many cases, you can apply on-line for the money that you need from the comfort of your office chair and there is a high likelihood that you will get a decision within 48 hours. A small business loan can help many businesses out of difficult situations and so they provide the following benefits.

  • Incredibly flexible – These lenders know and understand that not everyone receives cash input at the same time of the month. This is why they allow you to have flexible repayment terms that suit a particular business that you are currently in. You can actually change the dates of when you would like to pay back the money because you know that that’s when your debtors pay you.
  • It is really convenient – As was mentioned briefly before, you can make an application for a small business loan online and you can usually get a decision quite quickly. This means that the money will be in your bank account in no time at all and you decide where you want to spend it.
  • A more favourable interest rate – The only other way to get hold of cash quickly is to deal with unscrupulous money lenders who charge incredibly high fees to borrow money from them. The other option is that you could use your credit card but again, the interest rates are unbelievable and so this is an option that you should be avoiding. Interest rates for small business loans are a lot more favourable and so it makes it easier to pay them back.

You should always be able to access money when your business needs it the most and so the people at Universal Finance have pulled out all the stops to make it easier for everyone.