Everyone loves a good rewards program. Whether incentivizing employees or giving back to your customers, a rewards program can do wonders for any business. It can increase engagement, boost morale and encourage customer loyalty.

Some of the most common ways that companies reward their employees include gift cards from popular retailers or restaurants, company-sponsored vacations/trips, or giving back to local charities through donations made by your business.

This blog post will go over ten steps you should consider when creating an employee recognition program for your company.

1) Brainstorm Rewards – Find out what types of items people would be interested in as prizes and create a list of all potential ideas from employee-only awards, customer giveaways, discounts on products/services, and more!

2) Determine Price Point – Figure out the average price point of each reward option, so you know how much money you need to allot towards the campaign

3) Create Listing Page – Make sure that you have a page dedicated to the rewards program that lists your available prizes, how users can enter their information, and additional details about entry requirements.

4) Determine Entry Method – Decide if customers will have to complete a specific task, like sharing the campaign on social media or entering their information into an online form.

5) Select a Winner – Determine how you will select winners and stick to that method. Whether it is random, first come, first serve, or even a referral system, you want to ensure everyone has an equal chance of winning.

6) Promote the Rewards Campaign – If you want people to enter or share the employee rewards program, then make sure that they know about it!

7) Announce Winner – Be sure to announce the winner in an official blog post so you can provide proof that they have won. Also, if you want to use the information they’ve provided, ask them for permission first.

8) Set Up New Campaign – Once you have completed your rewards program, determine what the next one will be so that people are constantly being rewarded for their participation.

9) Thank Participants – Once the campaign is over, show your appreciation for everyone participating by sending out a personalized email thanking them!

10) Repeat – Once you have completed the first campaign, start a new one!

These steps should help you develop a rewards program that works for your company. It takes time and effort, but the benefits are well worth it!