We have all seen Terrariums before. Whether they are in a store, on Pinterest, or even sitting on the windowsill of our homes, these little glass containers seem to be everywhere! But what exactly is a Terrarium? A terrarium is an enclosed ecosystem with plants and animals that can live without being exposed to the outside world.

They come in different shapes and sizes, but there are some specific types around the globe that you may not know about! In this article, we will explore Types Around The Globe, so grab your passport and let’s go exploring!

Types of Terrariums Around The Globe:

  • Types in the Netherlands- The Dutch Terrarium is a type that contains plants from Holland, including some native ones like heather or broom.
  • Types in America- American terrariums can be anything from herbs to cacti. Still, they are most often used as decoration for windowsills and desks at offices due to their efficiency with light.
  • Types in China-Chinese terrarium usually have an Asian feel about them – mosses, bamboo shoots, small trees make up the backdrop. At the same time, tiny flowers such as peonies or lilies populate it instead of grassy lawn, which would typically be found on other types of Terrariums.
  • Types in Japan- Terrarium in Japan include a variety of mosses, lichens, and bamboos.
  • Types in Singapore- Singapore Terrariums are typically made up of small succulents, cacti, and mosses. You can learn more and make your own Terraria in the Terrarium Workshop Singapore.
  • Types in Africa- African terrariums vary in size based on the region, but they are usually filled with plants that need to be watered regularly and kept warm.
  • Types In India- Indian terrariums are usually filled with plants tolerant of dryness and require very little light.

You should explore more in any of these various places if you are paying a visit.