Have you ever used an online delivery app to deliver packages, shift houses, or for business purposes? Apps like Porter have made it easy to send products or services safely from one place to another in minimal time durations and we all are happy with the services provided by them. With the help of these apps, sending deliveries from one place to another has become more accessible and more convenient than we could’ve ever imagined.

Today if we have to shift our house, then we do not need to be concerned about the transport to move the furniture or other heavy items from one place to another. You only need to install the Porter app and sign in with the required details then you can avail of the express delivery service and choose a ride depending on the required service. You are then asked to set your pick-up and drop-off locations where you want to deliver the goods/items. Select and choose the mode of transport as per your preference. You will get your housing items or furniture delivered to your drop-off location at the desirable time. Similarly, if you want to deliver a product to a different place for your friends or relatives, you can get that done as well right from the comfort of your home or basically anywhere.

We all agree that an online delivery app like Porter or Wefast is beneficial today. Because today we all are busy in our professional lives and don’t have enough time to search for an offline delivery service or transport or haggle with them over pricing. We can rely on delivery apps to get it done, pronto!

Following are some of the best and most significant features of an online delivery app that you should know about;

Faster, reliable, and economical –

An online delivery app such as Porter will deliver your product in a minimal time. Also, you do not require to spend too much money on package deliveries or house shifting. The online delivery app provides fast and budgeted services to it’s users.

Pick-up and delivery services –

No need to strut down to your nearest post office or courier agency. Your products & parcels will be picked up right from your doorsteps and delivered to your desired locations, hassle free.

Furniture Shifting, Dismantling & Assembly –

If you want helpers to help you to carry the packages while shifting your house or dismantle a certain piece of furniture to then be reassembled after shifting then you choose from a wide variety of packages available within the delivery app such as Porter. You can get packers and movers India to move your furniture within the city or to any part of the country.

Extensive fleet –

You can choose a mode of transport as per your comfort and preference. An online delivery app offers various modes of transportation such as two-wheeler, three-wheeler, Tata 407, Tata ace, Chota Hathi, Kutty Yanai, Super ace, Ape, Champion, Pickup 8ft, and many more.

Multiple stop locations –

If you want to deliver your parcels at different locations, an online delivery app like Porter allows you to select multiple locations or pick up and drop points.

Live order tracking –

An online courier pick up app also allows users to track their parcels’ live locations. In addition, you can track the arrival and departure times for your packages.