What is team building?

Virtual team building Singapore refers to turning individuals into a progressive group aimed at completing a task by doing their assigned duties and responsibilities and cooperating. A team involves healthy interaction, and the work they are performing is connected in some or another way. An official team works according to certain set rules and regulations. Working with a team itself is a skill, and many people lack it. But learning skills is never too late.

Roles of a leader; How to make an effective team?

As a leader, you have the maximum responsibilities so that you have an effective team. Many team members may have a diverse or different viewpoint that can also lead to a conflict. At the workplace, rivalry and competition are not very uncommon, and sometimes this also leads to jealousy and insecurities about oneself. It is the responsibility of a leader to arrive at a conclusion that resolves any conflict and maintains harmony among the members. Though diverse views can sometimes also bring up innovative ideas that may be suitable for a larger crowd, this can help a lot to bring flexibility and options to a project or task. Team meetings can be a very good option to develop healthy communication and interaction among the members.

Though it is important to maintain professional decorum as a good leader, you should also provide some leisure time and space for the employees to indulge. This will promote the personal equations, friendship, bond and connection between employees and hence increase their ability to cooperate with each other. Also, make sure to have healthy interactions yourself so that people feel free and comfortable working around you and do not hesitate to take your guidance and suggestion. Do not be the Hitler boss ever.