When you search for an animation studio Singapore, it might appear a daunting task. You would be required to consider the following aspects –

  • Where to begin with the script
  • Brainstorm the kind of illustrations you desire
  • Sourcing your animators

Rest assured animated web videos have been the leading trend presently. As a result, studios providing animation services have been popping up all over the world. You may make the most of the benefits of working with a studio rather than outsourcing work to freelancers.

Experience in working with an animation studio

When you work with an animation studio, all production processes would occur in a single place. Producers, illustrators, and animators work in the same team making it relatively easy for you to manage the project independently. It would also help ensure you do not miss anything. A reputed and professional animation studio would be relatively more affordable without the competitive prices of hiring different freelancers.

Finding an animation studio

Getting started looking for an animation studio would be best if you have an initial concept. When you approach the animation studio with your concept, they would be able to go through the ideas and make an estimated budget for the project.

You would be required to consider the following aspects –

  • style of animation
  • script requirement
  • music
  • length of the video

Ensure that you brief the animation studio about your initial idea of the video, as this is what the animation studio would require providing an estimated cost for the project.

Do some background research?

Doing some background research would be imperative on the videos made by the animation studio you have approached. It would help you get an idea of their house style. Consider assessing the portfolio of the previous work they have done for others. It would ensure your videos appear the same, as you desire. Going through the portfolio would also help you ensure they offer the different styles of animation you have thought of initially.

Compare the prices

After you have compared a few quoted prices, consider choosing an animation studio suitable to your budget. They should offer you the desired animation styles. The animation studio would help you understand every step of the animation process. It would assist you in keeping updated with the progress of the video. It would also check on the project frequently to ensure everything is going as planned.