Conveyors are the most common type of system in any industry or plant. Materials in a plant or industry have to be transported. For transporting in an organized manner, the industries make use of material handling equipment. This equipment is responsible for moving items from one station to another. This transferring process is usually done with the help of elevators or conveyors. The pneumatic conveying system is the most unique and is much different from all other types. This article will help to know about the use of conveyors in the industry.

Everything you need to know about pneumatic conveyors

The main role of conveyors is to dry material using different pressures or a flow of gas. The gas may be either compressed air or nitrogen. The material is enclosed totally within the tubes, and with the help of different pressure, the flow of a product is caused. The pressure can be decreased or increased depending upon the product. There are two systems in the whole process:

  • Push system: it helps to push the material from one inlet to many other outlets. Push systems are also known as a positive pressure system.
  • Pull system: this system is the opposite of the system mentioned above. This pulls materials from many materials to one outlet. This is also known as a negative pressure system.

The use of a pneumatic conveying system is quite easy. These are much better than other conveying system and is very suitable for small and low bulk density products like wheat, sugar, and other aggregates.

Types and some selection criteria

The conveyors are of many kinds. Some of the types are mentioned below:

  • Dilute phase pneumatic conveyors: these are linked to non-fragile items. It requires low pressure and high-velocity air stream to make the flow of fine particles.
  • Dense phase pneumatic conveyors: to understand more simply, this conveyor is just the opposite of a dilute conveyor. In these conveyors, high pressure and a low-velocity air stream are required to move the products.

These are the main ones. For the whole working process of each conveyor, one can surf online.

Regarding selection criteria, some things must be kept in mind:

  • The pipe design and flow rate
  • Correct filtering system and also ensuring protection to staff and other workers.

Thus these things must be kept in mind before buying a pneumatic conveying system. Visit online to know more about them and order soon.