The word retail means the buying and selling of goods directly to the customers. The retail companies of the world play a very significant role in the marketing functions that allowed the consumers to have excess to the wide variety and never-ending options of goods and services available in the market. Moreover, a good retailing service automatically adds to the economy of a country leading to its financial development by providing more income sources to the people especially in the business sector, and also benefits the public by making good quality goods and services available at a price that is easily affordable by the majority of the population.

Therefore, if you are interested in finding out the best retail companies in Singapore then here is a list of retail companies in Singapore that not only have a reputed name but are valued in the world.

Stamford Tyres Corporation

It is an independent tire distributing company that tops the list of the best wheel and tire producing companies all over Southeast Asia.

Open Text (Asia)

Produces enterprise information management products that help the businesses to not only grow faster but also spend a much lesser amount of money and general operations.