The modern business is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the challenges which all face in a changing world and with that the way you use your premises must change with it. Staff numbers can fluctuate with increases or decreases in output, or you may even move to a new building and need to design a floorplan from scratch; if that is so, one option you might want to think about is an office partitioning system.

Easily Installed

Most modern office partition systems are installed quickly and efficiently by a supplier who should offer a complete service from the initial design process through installation and aftercare. There are different types of partitions that have other characteristics which may be more suitable to both your premises and budget; the main types of partitions are –

  • Drywall partitions are a standard option that uses an aluminium framework and plasterboard wall panel; it is a lower cost option but still acoustically sound.
  • Glass partitions – available in many different options, are increasingly popular as they allow natural light to flow through a workplace.
  • Demountable partitions are moveable partitions that can move from place to place wherever the office demands require them.

I want to focus on the last option mentioned. The demountable partition demands further description, available as either a drywall type of partition or as glass moving walls; they can offer the best of both worlds. It gives you complete control of your changing office environment; it moves quickly to enable you to adapt your floorplan with limited disruption. It also has the added benefit of qualifying as plant and machinery; this allows you to claim capital allowances against your tax but do make sure with the supplier that their demountable partitions are in line with these terms.

Other Areas You Might Improve

Having worked out how to change your workplace floorplan, it may also be an excellent time to improve other office environment areas. Many cases studies have found that it is possible to improve both staff productivity and well-being by upgrading areas such as –

  • Lighting – natural light is hugely beneficial to staff; if your premises does not have a decent number of windows, modern led lighting is used to produce the same effect.
  • Decoration – when upgraded using the correct colour palette, it can refresh any existing office space, planting can also be used.
  • Furniture – modern improvement in ergonomic design means there are plenty of options from chairs to whole new workstations.
  • Flooring – often overlooked, can complement the other design areas using either carpet or vinyl tiles.
  • Staff Areas – kitchens, break areas, and restrooms can all be upgraded to benefit all.

Upgrading these areas can create a modern, flexible workplace that can uplift staff and impress visiting clients and prospective new customers as an impressive part of your business.

I hope this has given you some ideas for changing your business premises in this ever-changing world. There are many benefits available, so investigate a partitioning system or office refurbishment today.