Ceiling tiles can wear, chip, or even break over time. Instead of staring at an unsightly flaw or gap in your ceiling, it is time to choose the right replacement. With so many options to choose from, you need to know that you are making the right choice.

A few simple tips can help you to choose the right replacement ceiling tiles to fit your space. When all is said and done, it will look as though they are the original ceiling tiles, not some replacements that you found in short order.

Know Your Look

One of the most aspects of choosing a replacement ceiling tile is knowing the look of your existing tile. That might sound simple, but without doing your homework, it is all too easy to choose a replacement that stands out in the wrong ways.

There are a few different tile materials, textures, and edge details to choose from. Knowing whether you are working with mineral fibre, tectum, medium-density fibreboard, fibreglass, or something else entirely is crucial.

Square and tegular edges, as well as tongue and groove, are available for edging. Textured, fissured, and smooth textures plus decorative looks are all possible as well. Knowing your style is the first place to start.

Know Your Features

Though ceiling tiles can look similar, they are all capable of serving very different purposes. Knowing what those performance features are can help narrow down your choices so that you can find the right replacement.

For instance, there are some ceiling tiles that are better when it comes to blocking and absorbing sound. They create a much quieter acoustic, perfect for home offices and those who enjoy quiet when at home. It can substantially lower the decibels allowed from outside the home.

There is also the kind of tile that has natural heat-resistant qualities. These are always ideal for the home, as fire is one of those things that no homeowner wants to contend with. Heat resistance can be a difference-maker in allowing firefighters to get to your home and put out a fire before it does even more damage.

Finally, there is efficiency to consider. Some materials help to reduce humidity and lower temperatures. Those with energy efficiency in mind would be wise to look into ceiling tiles that will help to keep the space that they are in cooler with ease.