The confectionery industry is an important part of the food processing market. Today, more than 20 thousand companies in this field worldwide employ about 250,000 people and have a revenue of over $ 100 billion per year. Moreover, the number of employees continues to grow by 12% annually. This makes it clear that the demand for new equipment in this area will increase significantly.

What is confectionery equipment?

Confectionery equipment is a group of machines that confectioners use to produce sweets, cookies, and other types of food. These devices are typically found in large-scale production facilities because they process huge amounts of food at once. The most popular products made with the help of these tools include chocolates, gummy bears, taffy, and ice cream.

Two groups of confectionery equipment:

Confectionery equipment is divided into two main groups: primary machines for the production of sweets themselves (conching machine, candy floss maker) and secondary devices used to prepare other types of food or improve their taste (silos, dosing station).

Primary devices:

– Conching machines. They are used for the production of chocolate and can be either horizontal or vertical depending on their purpose, structure, and complexity;

– Candy floss maker (sometimes called cotton candy machine) is a device that contains several rollers with magnets at the end to disperse sugar in liquid form during production;

– Cocoa bean roaster (roasting machine) is used to roast cocoa beans at high temperatures and then grind them into powder. The resulting product allows confectioners to produce chocolate with a specific taste and color. This device works by heating the liquid in its bowl, continuously rotating above an open fire or gas burner. The ground cocoa beans are then discharged into a container.

Secondary devices:

– Silos are freely-standing or built-in containers that store ingredients used in the production of confectioneries; these include sugar, chocolate, and other types of candy; depending on their size (from 200 to 2000 liters), they can be made of stainless steel, glass, or plastic.

– Dosing station is a device consisting of several containers that can be filled with syrup and then emptied at once. This allows for more efficient production and smoother operation of the confectionery factory.

Confectionery equipment provides significant benefits to food processing companies: it helps them produce large batches faster to work more efficiently and meet high demand. These devices are also designed to improve the quality of food products, ensuring that customers will be satisfied with their purchases.