An epandeur de compost automatique helps to spread the compost across the land efficiently without much manual labor. This helps in fertilizing the ground naturally. Manure is very useful for the land. It is obtained from animal dung. It adds nourishment and nutrients to the land which makes the ground lively and promotes the growth of plants and trees.

The manure is used by the fungi and bacteria present in the soil to fasten up the fertilization process. Natural manure doesn’t include chemical elements that harm the plants and animals it only consists of the dead and decaying matter.

The three types of manure are –

  • Farmyard/ animal manure – this comprises animal poop or feces and urine. The animal manure can be dry, wet, or both.
  • Compost – this includes the decaying plants or may even include animal bedding
  • Green manure – this includes plants that are planted for plowing. 

What is the use of manure?

Manure is used to fulfill the nutritional and mineral requirements of the plants. It makes a plant healthy and better. The plant in turn provides us with facilities of food, fresh air, furniture, shelter, etc. jungles serve the purpose of home for many wild animals.

Manure may sometimes seem a little stinky to you because it is composed of the roy=tting materials and feces but it doesn’t matter because it is going to serve its purpose and the foul sell denotes that the manure is apt to be used.

You can even buy readymade manure which is 100% natural and easy to use. You could use an epandeur de compost automatique to evenly spread the manure across the complete yard, field, or garden.

Compost also helps to reduce pollution as kitchen waste and yard waste is being utilized to obtain a useful product. It also helps to lower the landfill garbage. It helps in breaking down the organic aerial and helps the nutrients to penetrate the soil and reach the roots of the plants. It helps to aerate the grout. You can call it a natural exfoliator for the earth.

Manure helps to benefit the flora and fauna with the help of microorganisms. The bacterias help in the breakdown process of the compost, actinomycetes, and fungi also help in the proliferation process.