This is a question that many parents ask and while there’s no hard and fast answer, there are some aspects to consider. We’ve all had those early childhood dreams of being a policeman, firefighter or airline pilot and there’s nothing wrong with that; if the dream continues through into middle school, it is likely to be with them for the rest of their life and it should form the basis for any future plans.

We are all unique

Of course, it is perfectly natural that you want the best for your child and if your friend’s son has already decided he wants to be a doctor, well that should not put any pressure on you. For most kids, the prospect of working for a living doesn’t enter into the equation until they enter high school and it should be a natural progression to reaching the point where they have a shortlist of potential careers in their final year.

Encouraging exploration

The early teenage years are the ideal time to try new things and as a parent, you should actively support any interests your child may have. It might be a sport, or playing a musical instrument and by introducing them to new disciplines, you are helping your child to find their passion in life. World famous physicists have told how a visit to the planetarium with their father ignited their passion and the rest was history and the more you introduce your child to, the better and don’t force things – your passion might not light their fuse!

The importance of good academic education

There’s no substitute for good old academics and with the best international school in Bangkok, your child will acquire the tools that empower them to be successful at whatever it is they are into. Such a school would have at least one career-guidance counsellor who is there to assist the students in their quest for the perfect career and talking to him or her about your child’s progress will put you in the picture.

Don’t panic

It is not unusual for a 16-year old to have no clue as to what they want to do with their life and rather than putting any pressure on your child, have informal discussions about your work and get them used to talking about such things with you and that will open doors when they do have ideas. If the topic is never raised by your son or daughter, that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t on their mind and avoid using other families as a guideline, we are all different in many ways.

With your full support, your child will find their true passion in life and go on to enjoy a very successful career.