Prioritize digital

Internet is a significant part of your overall marketing in Hong Kong strategy. You need to understand that customers are always comfortable when they know who they are buying from.

  1. You can try filling out a Google Business listing
  2. Make and host a company website
  3. Make business accounts on major social networks and post on a regular basis.

Note that Google tends to crawl on your online content on a regular basis and show up content that is relevant to you. Google serves online content to your target market, indicating that they are valuable to you. Ensure that you have enough content associated with your brand to gain the customized description panel by Google.

You may also need to have content strategy in place to keep adding relevant content on the channels. Your social media assets help you get in direct touch with your audience. So make the most of it to interact with your target market. Make sure to have enough content tied to your brand to get that description panel. It’s not enough to set up pages for your business on social media sites. You need to have a content strategy in place to regularly push relevant content to your audience over these channels.